Ticks are part of the Family Ixodidae and may differ in color depending on their species. The typical size of a tick is 1 cm long for a mature tick and larvae under 1 mm in length. Santa Ana suffers from a range of popular tick varieties which includes the deer tick and American dog tick.

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The setting of your residence will also depict almost any prospective tick issues; it is common to find them invading yards and properties close to heavy woods or significantly vegetated regions. Certain tick varieties cannot make it with out moisture and both females and males require blood of reptiles, mammals and birds as a source of food.

The life-cycle of ticks involves 4 different stages. The eggs, larvae, nymph and adult. They begin with half a dozen legs during the larvae stage and have eight legs in the remaining stages. Every stage must have blood for the food. Ticks that have a number of disease-causing pathogens and microorganisms can actually be given to their host.

Santa Ana Tick Problem Indications

You’ll know if ticks are entering your house once you begin seeing them. People who have domestic pets are at higher risk for a tick invasion. In some cases people who suffer tick bites may endure serious unwanted effects which is often treated by a medical professional.

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