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You’ve probably been told that termites are one of the more pricey pests to come across. Termites are experts at keeping concealed and quietly tearing your property apart. They feast on plant material that are cellulose-based and it is unfortunate that just about every single structure will contain this cuisine for termites.

Your house is not the only thing vulnerable to termite destruction; books, your furniture, foundations and other things and areas of your home can also be at risk. Though termite workers are quite tiny in size, the level of damage they can contribute to is a lot bigger.

Defense & Prevention of Santa Ana Termites

A sensible way to lessen the risk of termites from infiltrating your building or home is via reliable prevention and defense measures which include guaranteeing a moisture-free environment and doing away with any food supplies which may appeal to termites. The following tips will help you further increase the protection from termites in and around your residence:

  • Resolve leaks; faucets, pipes, AC units, etc.
  • Ensure rain gutters are clean and streaming appropriately often.
  • Be sure water is redirected out from the foundation during wet weather.
  • There must be very little plant covering and mulch near the foundation of the home’s outside walls.
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  • A roof that works adequately will not have any collected puddles or water present so inspect it often.
  • Check vents routinely to make sure they’re clear of obstructions.
  • Investigate utility and water pipes and lines for accessible access points, sealing them up to deter pest admission.
  • Should you encounter any vents that don’t have screens, have them installed.
  • Take out stumps and various other wood debris found near the property.
  • Routinely look over your porch and fencing for indicators of termite issues.
  • Get rid of any firewood, paper items, and timber from around the foundation and your crawl space.

Warning signs of Santa Ana Termites

There are particular warning signs to look out for that could suggest an active termite dilemma. Indicators of a termite dilemma will include a swarm of winged insects (termites) temporarily in the home, termite frass (waste), hollowed out wood or wood that sounds a bit hollow when you tap on it, mud tunnels and tubes on the outside walls, as well as wings left behind by swarmers; usually uncovered near windows and doors.

In case you aren’t certain that active termites are currently on your property or if you only desire to question protecting your structure from termites, just give Termite Solutions for Santa Ana a ring at (714) 699-9484. We can easily schedule a termite evaluation or even a treatment for those who have already revealed active termites.